Random promotions

Spent a little time learning about the Peter Principle today and found an agent-based model of company promotion strategies.  

This is normal enough right?

Getting latex commands into xtable without the parser messing things up

Another italicizing issue. This time going from R to latex using xtable.

Customizing ggplot axes

As a general rule, most bacterial groups and species should be italicized. However, I’m working with a few oddities that are not italicized. This led to some issues with axis labelings.  Through some troubleshooting I found a pretty workable solution to generating multiple font-faces in axes labels using ggplots.  I also customized the color for good measure.  Plot and code below.

nesting rbind/merge/ddply

In this I need to extract baseline and final values from a time series for one set of bacteria based on the analysis of another set. The final time varies by person and is derived in the separate analysis so that must be extracted individually then I must use this time to find the final value. In the end I want to combine the information from that separate analysis with the values I extracted. This is the ugliest code I’ve ever written.